The Dutch plant nursery Hoogenraad exists for more than 50 years. It all started in 1965 with Gerrit Hoogenraad, the founder of the nursery. He was one of the first producers in the Netherlands who bought a potting machine. Gerrit is still involved in the activities of the Dutch nursery, although he has already transferred responsibility for the management of the company to his son Sebastiaan and daughter-in-law Hannie. Read more about the changes at Hoogenraad and the expertise below.

Professionalization of the Dutch nursery

Since that time, the Dutch nursery Hoogenraad has started to professionalize considerably. Less trade, more production and novelties. The range has been drastically expanded and innovative with many new plant species. There are more types of almost all plant species than before.

How does Hoogenraad distinguish itself from the competitor?

At Hoogenraad we build plants. Our ambition is to provide our clients with healthy, well-rooted and well-formed young plants. Therefore, we regularly monitor the health of our crops and, if necessary, perform plant protection treatments using biological preparations in our Dutch nursery.

We grow them step by step, often pruning them several times a season. It is a meticulous process. Our young, well-rooted plants have already been cut 3 to 4 times before they are delivered to the customer. Our young plants receive our quality mark “good plants”, as a testimony that they meet our high standards.

In addition, we have a larger range compared to our competitors. We have new plant species on the market almost every year. At the moment we have 5 new types of hydrangea and we keep innovating them. In addition, we often have new conifers, barberries and new fruit types and grasses. We continue to grow, expand and professionalize.

We are also very busy with new technologies and innovations. We are 100% water residing. In recent years, our Dutch nursery has minimized the use of chemical plant protection products (so-called pesticides). We use ecological and natural enemies to combat pests as much as possible. In the future we want to eliminate all products that are harmful to the environment.

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