Photo labels

We offer photo labels for almost all of our plants. These are pendants that are included with a number of products. A black ‘good plants’ label is supplied with a number of license types. It contains a photo with instructions for use. It is possible to request these labels with your order, even if it is not a licensed plant.

Why photo labels?

Some customers, such as other growers and trade customers, want to repot the plants from Hoogenraad to another pot. With photo labels these customers can sell the plants for instance to garden centers. These garden centers want a label with the plant, so that private customers can see that it is a beautiful and real product.

It is possible to order your plants with a photo label. You can easily indicate which labels you want. We will then ensure that your plants are provided with a label. This way, you as a customer have all the necessary information at your disposal.

A few examples of our photo labels


Rules surrounding the labels

If the Dutch Quality Standards Committee has determined that certain plants may only be delivered if they are provided with labels or indications of an equivalent nature Hoogenraad must follow these instructions.

If the labels approved are not used, other labels can be used in consultation. These labels are not allowed to contain information about the supplier. Plants must be professionally labeled. Tying up plants with the elastic of the label is not allowed. At Hoogenraad you will only find neatly labeled plants.

‘Good plants’ label

Hoogenraad exists for more than 50 years and is expert in good plants. Our ambition is to provide our clients with healthy, well-rooted and well-formed young plants. Therefore, we regularly monitor the health of our crops and, if necessary, perform plant protection treatments using biological preparations in our nursery. One of our principles is “we do not grow plants, we build them”. This means pruning them several times a season, from the very beginning, when the cuttings are still in trays.

Our young plants receive our quality mark “good plants” label, as a testimony that they meet our high standards! We can guarantee that we offer good plants. We have minimized the use of chemical plant protection products (so-called pesticides) and are fully engaged in making our nursery sustainable. Our goal is to completely eliminate all products that are harmful to the environment and to our good plants.


Would you like to receive photo labels of your ordered plants? That is possible with almost all of our plants! You can easily indicate which labels you want. We will then ensure that your plants are provided with a label. This way you have all the information you need! Do you need more information? Then contact us. We are happy to help you.