Hoogenraad provides an extensive range of plants. Among the more than 5 million young plants that grow up every year in our field from our Dutch nursery are representatives of about 3,000 varieties of conifers, deciduous shrubs, hydrangea, perennials, fruit plants, grasses and more. We deliver to wholesalers and trade partners. We do not deliver our plants to private consumers. Would you like to place an order? Read more about the payment details and the payment methods that we use.

About the payment

You can pay with credit card on request. Hoogenraad will send you a payment link so that you can pay with your credit card. We do not accept cheques as payment. All funds must be cleared before we deliver the order.

You can pay for your order using the following:

  • Credit card on request
  • iDeal
  • Bank transfer

Our payment details



Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen/

Vitro Bioplant Holland b.v.

Address Beneficiary

Полный адрес переводополучателя

Rijksweg 30a – 6744 WB  Ederveen

The Netherlands

Beneficiary Bank

Банк переводополучателя


Address Beneficiary Bank

Полный адрес Банка переводополучателя

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SWIFT code Beneficiary Bank

Свифт Код Банка переводополучателя

без пробелов


Account Number (IBAN)* Beneficiary Bank

Номер счета в Банке переводополучателя

без пробелов


Details of Payment

Customer number by Hoogenraad

Сумма и валюта перевода


H.R. Arnhem


EORI number (EORI = Economic Operators Registration and Identification).

The EORI number identifies economic operators in the same way by Customs in all member states.

NL 009040171

Terms and conditions

Payment— Payments must be made in euro currency and all checks or money orders must be drawn on a Dutch bank. 

Pro forma— You pay before delivery and after delivery you receive a document in which all costs are described, and the contents are stated. You can then check whether you have received everything.

Claims— All claims must be made in writing within three days of delivery. Photos that support your claim will expedite the process, so please include them when possible.

Cancellations— After our order confirmation, you can change or cancel your order within 5 working days.

Questions about our payments

Is something unclear or do you want to receive more information about payments at Hoogenraad? Please contact us by sending an email to We are happy to help you.

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