Order process

Order process

As a Dutch nursery we offer large numbers of plants to wholesalers and trade partners. We do not deliver our plants to private consumers. If you are in the horticultural trade, you may order from us in the following order process.

Easy to order

In our stock list you can see exactly which plants we currently supply. You can also indicate your wishes for delivery and other details. We will always quickly send you a quotation containing a complete and appropriate proposal.

The order

If you want to buy plants from our Dutch nursery, you can fill in our order form and send it to the e-mail address info@hoogenraadplant.nl. After we have received your order, you will receive the order confirmation. Please read the order confirmation carefully, because we cannot always confirm everything you ordered. Please give us a two-week notice before call-off, otherwise we cannot guarantee a complete delivery. In February and March, we apply a three weeks’ notice for delivery.

The transport

Arrange your transport for the plants. Are you still looking for a transporter? We can also arrange it for you. More information? Look at our transport-page. Give us a heads-up on the number of the truck we can expect before the day of loading. After we loaded your truck, we will send you the delivery note, so you know that your order is coming your way. We will send you the invoice the next upcoming Friday. On request, we can send the invoice sooner.

The invoice

On request we can send you the invoice on the day of shipment. It’s also possible to make an Pro forma with the expected costs before the delivery date. It’s a document issued before an order is placed or before the goods are delivered giving all the details and the cost of the goods. It serves to provide an understanding of contents to be shipped, the value of the goods, the shipping time and more to the customer.


All plants are clearly labeled for deliveries and can, if necessary, be packaged separately and identifiably per reference. Handy if you order for several of your relations at the same time and want to forward them separately. If you wish, we can provide labels with information in different languages about the plants. These labels are supplied separately from the plants.


We are specialised in exporting outside Europe. If it is necessary, we can arrange the following documents:

Phytho (€150): A statement in which the authorities of the country of origin declare that the products are healthy and do not suffer from any (plant) disease. 

EX1 (€50): A general term for the declaration of final export. 

EUR1 (€75): This certificate is a preferential trade document that can ensure that you as a customer get a reduction or remission of customs duties. 

CVO (€50): A Certificate of Origin (CVO) proves in which country a product was made 

*Prices are subject to change and are calculated in the invoice.

Export documents are made in cooperation with J. Heebink Logistics Services.

Our guarantee

We guarantee plants that are healthy and true to name. Our plants receive our quality mark “good plants”, as a testimony that they meet our high standards. Because of environmental and planting conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the life and productivity of any plant. In no case will our liability exceed the amount of purchase.

Want to know more about our company or our order process? Please contact us. We would love to receive your feedback! We continue to improve and become better and better in what we do. Please fill in a few questions here. Thank you!