Irresistible charm of Buddleja davidii

Buddleja davidii no butterfly can resist.

Fragrant, nectar-filled flowers have an irresistible appeal to many pollinating insects. By planting Buddleja in gardens and city greenery, we support these useful creatures that are increasingly difficult to survive.

It’s also worth mentioning that observing butterflies and other insects promotes relaxation, sensitizes to beauty, and develops an interest in nature in children and adults.

Buddleja comes from China and Japan, it has been known in Europe since the end of the 19th century. In nature, Buddleja grows in tropical and subtropical climates to a height of up to 3000 m above sea level.
The name is to commemorate the English botanist, Anglican clergyman Adam Buddle and French missionary Armand David, who discovered these plants in China in 1869. Common names are summer lilac, butterfly-bush, and orange eye.

Butterfly-bush grows quite strongly, depending on the variety, it reaches from 1 to 4-5 m in height. It has picturesque, arched, drooping shoots covered with light brown bark that cracks with age. The leaves are lanceolate, 7-13 cm long, the young are covered with a tomentose, green, gray-green, or yellow.

It grows best in sheltered places, tolerates frosts down to about -20°C, so in colder regions we recommend covering the plants for the winter. Buddleja blooms at the tips of this year’s shoots. A strong spring pruning stimulates the growth of new shoots and allows you to enjoy the richness of flowers. And these have colors from white, through various shades of pink, to magenta and dark purple. Some have yellow or multi-colored flowers.

We can plant them in home gardens and urban greenery (they tolerate air pollution well), and dwarf varieties also in (hanging) containers. They look stunning when planted in groups, also as ground cover plants. The richness of colors allows you to create interesting, monochrome, or contrasting compositions.


Name Flowers Size
alt. ‘Unique’ photo pastel lilac-purple H: 1,2m, W: 0,7m
Adonis Blue’PBR photo dark blue, 30 cm long H: 1,5m
Berries & Cream’® photo two-colored, cream and purple H: 2m, W: 0,7m
‘Black Knight’ dark purple with an orange eye, 30 cm long H: 2-3m
Border Beauty’ purple-red, 30 cm long H: 1,5m
Butterfly Tower’® photo purple-red H: 2m, W: 1m
Dreaming Lavender’® photo lavender pink H: 0,6m, W: 0,9m
Dreaming Purple’® photo purple, 30 cm long H: 0,8m, W: 1m
Dreaming White’® photo white, 30 cm long H: 0,6m, W: 0,4m
Fascinating’ purple-pink H/W: 2-3m
Flutterby ‘Pink’® pink H/W: 1,2m
Free Petite© ‘Blue Heaven’ PBR photo lavender pink H/W: 0,6m
Free Petite© ‘Dark Pink’ PBR photo dark pink H/W: 0,6m
Free Petite© ‘Lavender Flow’ PBR photo lavender pink H: 0,25m, W: 0,5m
Free Petite© ‘Snow White’ PBR photo white H: 0,75m, W: 0,6m
Free Petite© ‘Tutti Fruitti’ PBR photo pink H/W: 0,6m
‘Empire Blue’ purple, 30 cm long H: 2m
‘Gulliver’PBR photo lilac-pink, very big H: 1,7m
‘Ile de France’ purple H: 2-2,5m
Moonshine’PBR photo green/yellow leaves and pink flowers H: 0,75m
‘Nanho Blue’ blue, 20 cm long H: 1-1,5m
‘Nanho Purple’ purple-red, 25 cm long H: 1-1,5m
‘Nanho White’ white, 20 cm long H: 1m
nanhoensis purple-blue H: 2-3m
‘Peacock’PBR photo pink, big H/W: 1-1,5m
Pink Panther’PBR photo bright pink H: 1.2m, W: 0,7m
‘Pink Delight’ dark pink, up to 40 cm long H: 2-3m
‘Purple Splendor’ photo purple-blue H: 1-1,5m
‘Silver Anniversary’ photo white/cream and silver leaves H: 1,5m, W: 0,5m
‘Sophie’® purple H: 0,3-0,4m, W: 0,5m
‘Sugar Plum’ PBR photo purple-red H: 1,5m, W: 1m
‘Summer Beauty’ photo dark pink, 30 cm long H: 2m
‘Royal Red’ purple-red, 30-50 cm long H: 2-3m
‘White Profusion’ white, 30-50 cm long H: 2-3m
‘Wisteria Lane’® purple, 50 cm long H/W: 1,5m
weyeriana ‘Sungold’ photo golden-yellow H: 1,5-2m
‘Lochinch’ blue H: 2m
‘White Ball’ white H/W: 1m


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