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Our Dutch plant nursery specializes in young plants. Among the more than 5 million young plants that grow up every year in our field are representatives of about 3,000 varieties of conifers, deciduous shrubs, hydrangea, perennials, fruit plants and grasses. We offer a large range of young potted plants, mainly in P9 and P12 containers. Some of the varieties are available in bigger sizes: C1, 5, C4 and C2 (conifers). Below you will find the best selection of young plants from our own Dutch nursery, especially made as wholesale plants for further production in all over Europe. This mainly concerns countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Wide selection of young plants in our Dutch nursery

Are you looking for high quality young wholesale plants from the Netherlands? We are here to help you! Our range includes more than 3,000 products, over 1,500 of which we grow ourselves. Our range largely consists of planting stock for growers, bred using perfect propagation materials from our own stock nurseries. All our young plants are covered by the ‘Good Plants’ quality mark, a unique guarantee of quality.

Find exclusive shrubs, perennials, fruit plants and many more in our skilled Dutch nursery. Hoogenraad is one of the most experienced Dutch plant nurseries based in Ederveen, located in the middle of the Netherlands. Our specialties are plants, such as various types of Juniperus, scopulorum, Syringa, hydrangea’s, perennials, thuja’s and more. We have a very large product range. Take a look below or contact our Dutch nursery for more information.

A wholesale plant nursery for various types of plants

The highest quality young plants are found at our professional wholesale plant nursery in the Netherlands. Hoogenraad now has over 17 hectares of container growing area, including 3.5 hectares under glass. When you are looking for an exclusive range of Dutch grown top quality plants, then you have come to the right place at the Dutch nursery Hoogenraad! Our assortment has a wide variety of plants for you to choose from, such as the Hydrangea ‘Diamond Rouge’, Juniperus scop. ‘Blue Arrow’ or the Physocarpus ‘Diable d’Or’ in red. These are a few examples of the young plants that we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you what you want to find.

The prices in our wholesale plant nursery

The prices presented on this page are wholesale prices and are for information purposes. No rights can be claimed based on them. Prices and availability of products are subject to change during the season without prior notification.

You can easily add the desired number of plants to your shopping cart on this page. You will then receive an estimate of the costs from our wholesale plant nursery. You can then easily request a quote for your company from our Dutch nursery.

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Below you will find an overview of our current range of young plants. You’ll find all the plants that we grow in our Dutch nursery with pictures and the pot size. Can’t find the plant you are looking for on our list? No problem, you can just order it! We will then seek out the best offer for you. In these cases, we work with specially selected colleagues and can almost always deliver everything you order. We keep our delivery agreements, all over the world. Tell us what young plants you need and one of our specialists can provide you more information.

Hoogenraad, our wholesale plant nursery, operates internationally and exports to numerous countries in Europe and Asia. You are very welcome to visit our Dutch nursery in the Netherlands. If you inform us of your visit in advance, we will be able to assist you and give you a tour in your own language. Do not hesitate to make an appointment.

Find the best young plants for your own nursery or other company from our professional Dutch nursery! Do you have a question, or do you want to get a free quote? Contact us and our professional staff will help you with all your questions!

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