New varieties of Hydrangea paniculata – launched in 2019

In recent years, Hydrangea paniculata is the undisputed queen of gardens. Every year, new and more beautiful varieties appear. This year we have introduced another three.


Hydrangea paniculata Graffiti in the early stages flowering behaves like a good girl from a good home, little lady. Gently celadon, lime flowers gathered in large inflorescences don’t announce what will happen in the following weeks. Over time, Graffiti, like a teenager, experimenting with colors. A little bit of pink? Yes, please. A little more pink, but combined with greenery? Of course! Maybe a bit of it white? Why not? And step by step, day by day, Graffiti puts on her colorful, fancy robes.
The effect is amazing, and no one next to Graffiti passes indifferently.

Height: 1 m

The size of inflorescens: 25-30 cm


Hydrangea paniculata Hercules has huge, spectacular inflorescences that grow to 30-40 cm height and are tightly filled with large greenish flowers. Hercules is shrub of erect habit and exceptionally strong and thick shoots. It’s doing well in urban conditions and additionally works as a natural dust filter, reduces dangerous to health residents. It’s very resistant to low temperature.

Height: 1-1,5 m

The size of inflorescens: 30-40 cm

Hydrangea paniculata Mojito is simply beautiful. Seduces sophisticated elegance and refreshing lime color. It carries the promise of both hot, Cuban summer, and a nice refreshment in the shade. At the end of summer, it takes on a bit warmer, slightly pink colors, like a subtle announcement impending colorful fall. Mojito is love for many years.

Height: 1 m

The size of inflorescens: 20-25 cm


Special attributes:

  • winter hardy to -25ºC
  • flowers: July-September


  • needs fertile soil and regular watering
  • sunny or half-sunny position
  • pruning in the spring – March/April, 15-20 cm from the ground.

Click and download the leaflet: Hydrangea paniculata novelties 2019



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