Hydrangea arborescens. You can rely on its flowering and hardiness

Hydrangea arborescens works perfectly in a garden and urban greenery.

It’s a typical low-maintenance plant. A sunny or semi-shaded place is enough, spring pruning, regular watering, and fertilization (preferably once a season with long-acting fertilizer) and … we can enjoy impressive flowers throughout the summer. Depending on the variety they are white (Annabelle), salmon (Candybelle® Marshmallow), or pink (Candybelle® Bubblegum).


Candybelle® Marshmallow

This variety keeps a compact habit, shoots are stiff and do not “lay” even when they are loaded with heavy inflorescences. Due to the fact that Marshmallow grows only to about 1 m in height and similar width, it is perfect for large containers. The delicate, subtle color of Marshmallow flowers wonderfully emphasizes the romantic nature of the place where it grows.

Candybelle® Marshmallow won the hearts of the jury at the 2019 Plantarium (Netherlands) and FlowersExpo (Russia) competitions.


Candybelle® Bubblegum

Has bright pink flowers and green leaves with a brown hue. Candybelle® Bubblegum has very sturdy branches and a compact growth – only 80 cm high and 90 cm wide.

Candybelle® Bubblegum delighted the guests at the Spirit of FOUR OAKS Trade Show 2020.


Annabelle is characterized by very large inflorescences, up to 40 cm in diameter. Flowers initially are aquamarine, with time creamy, and in full bloom snow-white. They look beautiful in a vase and in dry compositions. Leaves are big, dark green. Annabelle grows up to about 150 cm in height.


Special attributes:

  • salmon (Marshmallow) or bright pink (Bubblegum) large flowers
  • winter hardy to -25ºC
  • grows to 100 cm height and 100 cm wide (Marshmallow) and 80 cm height and 90 cm wide (Bubblegum)


  • needs fertile soil and regular watering
  • sunny or half-sunny position
  • pruning in the spring – March/April, 15-20 cm from the ground.


We offer all the above-mentioned varieties in P9, P12, C1.5, and C2 containers. Their availability changes throughout the season.

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Hydrangea arborescens

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