Prunus laurocersus Sofia is frost resistant to -25ᵒC

Prunus laurocerasus Sofia is exceptionally beautiful and…

resistant to frost, and at the same time is evergreen.


Sofia has very nice, narrow leaves with serrated edges. It looks much more delicate (and also more exotic) than other laurels.
It can be planted as solitaire or in groups, e.g. as a hedge. In sunny positions, the leaves take on a more intense glow. Sofia is its exceptional resistance to high and low temperatures. It tolerates temperatures up to 38⁰C, and frosts up to -25⁰C. The frost that settles on the edges of the leaves makes it look like showered with fine diamonds.


After 5 years Sofia achieves 1,5 m height. It tolerates any soil as long as it’s not too chalky.

Prunus laurocerasus Sofia PBR was awarded a golden medal at GrootGroen’s novelties competition 2019.


Sofia will be available in our offer for the season 2020-2021.



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