Pyracantha Red Star is a real star among the firethorns

Pyracantha Red Star has fewer thorns and more berries

In June, it is besprinkled with white, small flowers. In August, small, initially green, fruits appear, which turn red in September.


Their beautiful, bright and intense color lasts until Christmas, or longer – sometimes even till February, which is a great garden decoration. It can be grown as a solitaire or tided onto a framework next to the wall and used as an alternative climber. This firethorn can grow pretty well on the North wall. It will be a beautiful decoration of a balcony or patio when planted into a nice, big pot.

Red Star is evergreen and has fewer thorns than her friends.

  • Fruits appear on 2-year-old shoots so if you want to enjoy the flowers and fruits, remove only single shoots after flowering
  • Red Star is very hardy, even up to -30°C
  • The maximum height is 180 cm
  • Position – sunny or half-shade


Pyracantha coccinea Red Star was awarded with a golden medal at GrootGroen novelties competition 2019.



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