Irresistible charm of Buddleja davidii

Buddleja Berries and Cream

Buddleja davidii no butterfly can resist. Fragrant, nectar-filled flowers have an irresistible appeal to many pollinating insects. By planting Buddleja in gardens and city greenery, we support these useful creatures that are increasingly difficult to survive. It’s also worth mentioning that observing butterflies and other insects promotes relaxation, sensitizes to beauty, and develops an interest […]

Spiraea japonica – colorful and easy-going family

Spiraea japonica orange leaves

Spiraea japonica –┬áit looks beautiful and is easy to grow. Japanese Spiraea (known as Japanese Meadowsweet) come from Asia, they naturally occur from the Himalayas to Japan. They most likely arrived in Europe in the second half of the 19th century and … they settled in perfectly. The name Spiraea is derived from the Greek […]

Ilex is a magical plant and a holy Celtic tree


ILEX, KNOWN AS A HOLLY TREE, HAS MAGICAL QUALITIES In the past, that was a holly Celtic tree. In England, planted near the house, protects against witches. In Ireland, people plant holly a little further away from the house so as not to disturb fairies who like to live in it. Ilex is well established […]

Evergreen. But not coniferous.

Prunus laurocerasus

Evergreen plants are much more than just traditional Thuja, Juniperus, or Picea Among the evergreen plants that are perfect for a hedge, we have Prunus laurocerasus (Laurels) and Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel). How are they different? Prunus lusitanica grows up to several meters in height but has a narrower habit than Prunus laurocerasus. They also […]

Lavender fields…

Lavandula, butterfly, lavender

Lavender. Romantic fields, practical borders, and tasty spice Most of us associate lavender with the south of France and its endless, purple, incredibly photogenic fields. Even, purple rows of plants against the setting sun look great on Instagram. Fortunately, anyone can have their own lavender field. Or at least a single plant in a pot. […]