Cranberry – a handy first aid kit in the backyard garden

Cranberry – Vaccinium macrocarpon can slow down the aging

Because our hobby is to search for pro-health characteristics of plants that we offer for sale, we have explored the topic of cranberry.


It turned out that the fruits of this small, evergreen shrub are practically irreplaceable! Such a handy first aid kit in the backyard garden. Cranberries contain vitamin C (resistance to disease), A (good eyesight and beautiful skin), P (affects metabolism), B1 (especially important for active people) and B2 (its deficiency can cause migraines). In addition, they are a source of magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, and iron, that is factors that also determine the state of our nerves and heart. The fruits have an antioxidant effect, i.e. they slow down aging and prevent so-called civilization diseases. They are natural antibiotics, so they perform antiviral and antibacterial.

So many benefits enclosed in such tiny fruits!

In conversations with customers, it is worth noting that raw fruits of cranberry are a bit tart. The berries are fantastic as dried, as well as in the form of jellies, juices, and jams, they are a great addition to meats.

How to grow cranberries? It belongs to the heather plants, i.e. it requires an acidic substrate. It can be planted near other plants with similar requirements, there will be a decorative and useful lowest level of plant compositions. It likes sunny positions and requires regular watering. Suitable to 5B hardiness zone.

Available varieties:
  • Ben Lear: fruits in September, bred in 1901
  • Early Black: fruits in September, bred in 1835
  • Howes: fruits in September/October, bred in 1843
  • McFarlin: fruits in September/October, bred in 1874
  • Stevens: fruits in September/October, bred in 1950
  • Pilgrim: fruits in October, bred in 1930

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