Blackberry ‘Purple Opal’ – mini plant, big fruits

Miniature blackberry with great fruiting potential

What do you see in front of your eyes when you think of a blackberry? Do you see the same as I, so the first of all long shoots, strong, large and rather expansive plant? We have good news. Finally, we can grow these tasty and healthy fruits in small gardens, as well as on the terrace or patio. A miniature blackberry, bred at the University of Arkansas US, has great fruiting potential.


Important characteristics:

  • is thornless so collecting the fruits is painless
  • due to the fact it makes fruits on one-year-old wood, you can prune it every year in spring and enjoy the fresh and juicy fruits the same year


Rubus fruticosus ‘Purple Opal’
Blackberry ‘Purple Opal’ planted in a garden or a large pot on a balcony or terrace, in a sunny place, will allow you to enjoy delicious, sweet and aromatic fruits in the first year of cultivation. The fruits ripen from the end of July to September. Needs fertile soil, sunny position, and regular watering.

Grows up only to 80-90 cm height, is completely winter hardy to -30˚C.

Is thornless and bear fruit on one-year-old wood, which makes it pleasant and easy to maintain, also for people who begin with gardening.

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