Dwarf raspberry Yummy – tiny and tasty

If your customers have limited space in the garden, or just a terrace or a small patio, and still dream of fresh, hand-picked raspberries (because they have the most wonderful taste and aroma), offer them a raspberry Yummy.


With Rubus idaeus BobBonBerry® Yummy, already the name sounds tasty! Well, fruits can ripe in the sun in your own garden, at its own pace, and can satisfy the requirements of even the most sophisticated palate.
But to the point: raspberry Yummy is a fairly new, miniature, tiny variety (it grows up to 50 cm high) which generates fruit abundantly.

Special features:

  • it produces fruit on one-year shoots, so it can be cut in spring and already in summer you can enjoy the juicy fruits
  • is thornless, so picking fruit is painless
  • it is very hardy to -30ᵒC.


Rubus Yummy, to grow healthy and abundantly bear fruit, requires:

  • fertile ground
  • sunny position
  • regular watering.


If you want to know more, download our leaflet and/or contact us.

Click here and download: Fruit plants EN leaflet

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