Hydrangea arborescens ‘Golden Annabelle’ – two-color beauty

Hydrangea arborescens Golden Annabelle is something especially for the fans of Hydrangea arborescens. The novelty launched in 2018 is like a younger sister of the normal ‘Annabelle’.


The main difference between Annabelle and Golden Annabelle is in the leaves color. ‘Golden Annabelle’ has beautiful, golden-green leaves. Pruned shortly in the spring will bloom abundantly in July to September. The flowers are large, lime-green to creamy-white.

Special attributes:

  • golden-green leaves
  • large flowers
  • winter hardy to -20ºC
  • grows to 130 cm height and 100 cm wide



  • needs fertile soil and regular watering
  • half-sunny position
  • pruning in the spring.

Click here and download the leaflet about Hydrangea arborescens


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