Rubus Tayberry helps you to stay healthy and beautiful

Rubus Tayberry is a fantastic cross between raspberry (Rubus idaeus) and blackberry (Rubus fruticosus)

Tayberry produces sweet and aromatic fruit, large and firm. It bears fruit abundantly – from one plant you can collect up to 4 kg of fruit*, 4 cm long. Which melt in your mouth when eaten fresh and add character to any desserts.

It grows quickly and strong. Doesn’t make root suckers. Due to the fact that the shoots are long and creeping (spiky) Tayberry should be lead on the stake, pergola, or trellis – will be a tasty decorative element. Has no special requirements, is strong and healthy, doesn’t require spraying.

Frost resistant down to about -18°C. In colder regions, it requires covering or cultivation undercover. It bears fruit on two-year-old shoots.

Tayberry has large, dark red or maroon fruits that ripen from mid-July to late August. They are perfect as a fresh summer dessert, in addition to cakes, ice cream, smoothies. We can process them into jams, confitures, juices, and syrups or freeze them to keep their aroma for the winter months.

Importantly, fruits contain a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which stimulates our immunity. They provide iron that is necessary for the proper transport of oxygen in our bodies. Iron is part of our “protective shield” against infections and helps maintain good mental and physical conditions.

Do you want to find out more about cultivation and get a few recipes for delicious desserts?

Click here and download: Rubus Tayberry leaflet


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‘Black Satin’ Thornless, grows up to 1,5-2m
‘Dima’PBR Mini-plant grows up to 50 cm, thornless, fruits ripe in July.
‘Dirksen Thornless’ Thornless, fruits ripe from July to October, grows up to 1,5-2m
‘Thornfree’ Thornless, fruits ripe mid-August-mid-September, grows up to 2m
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Rubus ideaeus – raspberry
‘All Gold’ Yellow fruits from August to October, grows up to 1,5m
‘Autumn Bliss’ Red fruits from August to the end of September, grows up to 2m
‘Black Jewel’ Big, black fruits from June to October, grows up to 1,5-2m
‘Glen Ample’® Thornless, abundant harvest in July, grows up to 1,5m
‘Glen Dee’® Thornfree, fruits in July-August, grows up to 1,5m
‘Golden Bliss’ Yellow-orange fruits from summer to autumn on this-year shoots, grows up to 1,5m
‘Groovy’PBR Yellow leaves, tasty fruits.
‘Héritage’ Moderate summer crop and abundant fall harvest, grows up to 1,5m
‘Polka’ Fruits on one-year shoots, ripe in August, grows up to 1,8m
‘Tulameen’ Abundant harvest, grows up to 1,80m
‘Willamette’ Self-fertile, reliable yield, fruits ripen in midsummer, grows up to 2-2,5m
BonBonBerry® ‘Yummy’PBR Mini-plant grows up to 50cm, thornless. Read more…
Rubus phoenicolasius – Japanese wineberry, wine raspberry, wineberry, or dewberry
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Rubus illecebrosus – balloon berry, strawberry-raspberry
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