Young plants from our Dutch nursery for further production
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Hoogenraad makes your world green!
We supply more than 5 million plants, 3,000 products of which we grow more than 1,500 ourselves.
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Wide young plant offers from our Dutch nursery for wholesale production


Our Dutch nursery in young plants is intended for further production in several countries – mainly in P9 and P12 (pot size) containers. Some of the varieties are available in bigger sizes: C1, 5, C4 and C2 (conifers). We always provide our planting material in pots. Among the more than 5 million young plants that grow up every year in our field from our Dutch nursery are representatives of about 3,000 varieties of conifers, deciduous shrubs, hydrangea, perennials, fruit plants, grasses and grafted plants

Grafting is a special technique used to join parts from two or more plants so that they appear to grow as a single plant. In grafting, the upper part of one plant grows on the root system of another plant. Grafting is the fastest way of growing popular, desirable varieties of fruit and flowering shrubs on a large scale.

We carefully follow the gardening market and new plant varieties appearing on it, to offer our customers the newest varieties of young plants every year (some of them we have grown ourselves) from our Dutch nursery.

Among the fruit plants that we offer, we have several varieties of blueberry, strawberry, currant, gooseberry, raspberry, blackberry, kiwi, mini kiwi, cranberry. We offer small and soft fruit. Old and proven varieties, but also new products from our Dutch nursery, such as miniature fruit plants and grasses for terraces. In cooperation with other, specialized nurseries, we also offer perennials – in total over 2,000 varieties of the most popular species.

If you are looking for a place where you can buy unique young plants, you have already found it (We do not deliver to sanctioned areas)! It’s the Dutch nursery Hoogenraad in Ederveen, in the Netherlands. Ederveen is a village in the Dutch province of Gelderland, located in the municipality of Ede, a green area

Is the plant you want not on this website? Let us know and we will get to work for you!

Good young plants from our Dutch nursery with a quality mark

Our ambition is to provide our clients with healthy, well-rooted and well-formed young plants. Therefore, we regularly monitor the health of our crops and, if necessary, perform plant protection treatments using biological preparations in our Dutch nursery. One of our principles is “we do not grow plants, we build them”. This means pruning them several times a season, from the very beginning, when the cuttings are still in trays. When in September you receive young, well-rooted plants from us in P9 containers, you can be sure that they have already been cut 3-4 times (depending on the species).

Our young plants receive our quality mark “good plants”, as a testimony that they meet our high standards. You can arrange your own transport. If this is not possible, we can arrange this for you.

Out potted plants product range

The potted young plants product range of our Dutch nursery includes amongst others: Acer griseum, Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’, Thuja ‘Golden Smaragd’, Magnolia Susan, Juniperus scop. ‘Blue Arrow’, Viburnum tinus and many many more! Take a look at our offer.

Dutch wholesale plant nursery

Hoogenraad is an experienced Dutch wholesale plant nursery for a wide range of plants as shrubs, conifers, hydrangea, perennials, grasses and many more. We want to offer our customers a high quality and a wide range of plants. If you are looking for wholesale plants supplier who can offer a wide selection of young plants, you are at the right place at Hoogenraad, one of the most experienced Dutch wholesale plants nursery.

Partnerships with our Dutch nursery

One of the most pleasant elements of our work is getting to know you. We participate in plant trade fairs in the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and Poland. We want to exchange ideas, how to improve our Dutch nursery and to know more about your needs. Because only in this way we will all succeed in our work.

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Dutch nursery Hoogenraad makes your world green!

Quality: our young plants have the ‘Good Plants’ quality mark, intended for the best.

Reliability: for over 50 years we have been a reliable partner for clients in the country and abroad.

Assortment: we deliver over 5 million plants, 3000 varieties, we product 1500 of them ourselves in our Dutch nursery.

Novelties: every year we launch new and interesting plants.

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Hoogenraad makes your world green!


All our plants come under the Good Plants label, a unique guarantee of quality


Our (inter) national customers have considered us to be a reliable partner for over 40 years

Product Range

We supply more than 4 million plants, 3,000 products of which we grow more than 1,500 ourselves


We are a market leader in the development of new plants

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Gert Versteeg
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Jaap de Jong
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Adri Wagtho
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Get in touch with our Dutch nursery

We are specialized in a lot of young plants in our wholesale plant nursery. The knowledge accumulated is shared to you in many ways, for instance through exhibitions in our Dutch nursery, garden fairs and other locations. You are always welcome to visit us. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our traditionally run Dutch nursery is open to the public during opening hours. Hoogenraad is always inspiring and enjoyable. We have a list of young plants available in our offer that you can order online, so you can buy Dutch plants online. Did you not find the plant you were looking for? Do you have other questions? Contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.

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