Pineberry White Dream pineapple and strawberry in one fruit

Pineberry White Dream is an amazing combination of pineapple and strawberry

The fruits are white with red seeds, contrary to the normal strawberries. Fruits are very aromatic and they taste like pineapple but the texture and feel are like strawberry we know. White Dream is a unique result of cross-breeding between the wild South American strawberry Fragaria chiloensis and the North American strawberry Fragaria virginiana. Fragaria chiloensis naturally grows in Chile and is white with a light, pink blush.

Good news – pineberry is exotic but grows like regular strawberries. White Dream has larger berries compared to other white-fruits varieties available on the market, but they are still smaller than normal, red strawberries. Important tip – if you want to get a lot of fruits, plant normal strawberry for every 4 plants of pineberry close by. Trials have shown that Sonata is the best variety. Don’t be afraid – this cross-pollination will not affect the color or flavor of pineberry.

Pineberry is suitable for USDA zones 4-8. You can plant it in your garden but also in a pot with the minimum size 20-30 cm diameter and 17 cm deep.



  • regular watering but well-drained soil
  • the soil pH should be 5,5-6,5
  • place with 6 hours direct sunlight or 8-10 hours very bright, indirect light
  • regular feeding with a liquid fertilizer – begin in May and continue throughout the season.


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