Vaccinium Pink Lemonade seduces with pink and sweet fruits

The pink berries of Vaccinium ‘Pink Lemonade’ offer something unique in its edible fruits. The translucent white berries, which ripen to a lush, bright pink color, taste wonderfully sweet with a clear, firm texture.


Vaccinium Pink Lemonade was bred as a result of crossing Vaccinium ashei and Vaccinium corymbosum, Pink Lemonade, and because of that, produces more fruits than many traditional blueberry cultivars. Due to the color, and flavor, Pink Lemonade will attract both gourmet chefs and those who want a culinary novelty. The beauty of the plant, its rosy fruit and powerful habit that deserves the attention of gardeners everywhere.


The most important characteristics:

  • harvest in mid-late summer to early fall
  • fruits: pink, sweet, and juicy
  • leaves: green in summer and orange and burgundy in fall
  • grows up to 120-150 cm
  • no serious pest or disease issues
  • because has similar requirements concerning the living conditions, can be a tasty addition with Rhododendron and Azalea compositions.



  • position: full sun to semi-shade
  • soil: well-drained, moisture, organically rich, acid (pH +/- 4,5)


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