Irresistible charm of Buddleja davidii

Buddleja Berries and Cream

Buddleja davidii no butterfly can resist. Fragrant, nectar-filled flowers have an irresistible appeal to many pollinating insects. By planting Buddleja in gardens and city greenery, we support these useful creatures that are increasingly difficult to survive. It’s also worth mentioning that observing butterflies and other insects promotes relaxation, sensitizes to beauty, and develops an interest […]

Hibiscus syriacus or Rose of Sharon?

 Hibiscus syriacus 'Mindoub1' (pbr) French Cabaret® Pastel 

Hibiscus syriacus is known as Rose of Sharon For us, that’s the best proof of the exceptional beauty of these shrubs. After all, roses are the queens of flowers, one of the most beautiful plants. There are several species of hibiscus in the world, which vary in size and color of flowers. They are available […]

You can have your own Kilimandjaro


DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS MOST BEAUTIFUL ABOUT VIBURNUM PLICATUM? Viburnum plicatum is native to China, Taiwan, and Japan. As if referring to the architecture of the region where it comes from, Viburnum plicatum has characteristic, horizontally arranged shoots. They look like the roofs of Chinese pagodas The unusual arrangement of shoots and large white inflorescences that appear […]

Weigela is always a good choice


Weigela is always a good choice Weigela, thanks to the wealth of varieties, colors, and shapes, has many uses. It is suitable for home gardens, parks, and urban greenery. It comes from Asia – Japan, Korea, and China and can grow practically all over Europe. Everywhere where temperatures do not drop below -23°C. Has low […]