Weigela is always a good choice

Weigela is always a good choice

Weigela, thanks to the wealth of varieties, colors, and shapes, has many uses. It is suitable for home gardens, parks, and urban greenery. It comes from Asia – Japan, Korea, and China and can grow practically all over Europe. Everywhere where temperatures do not drop below -23°C.

Has low requirements. It blooms most beautifully in sunny places, requires fertile, well-drained, fairly moist, and fertile soil. It densifies well, and since it blooms on last year’s shoots, we recommend pruning in summer, after flowering.

Weigela, depending on the variety, pleases our eyes with colorful leaves: green, with a colored edge, aquamarine, maroon. The flowers are gathered in a few, in colors from snow white, through various shades of pink, to intense, dark red. Flowers are attractive to insects (it is worth watching, for example, bumblebees “diving” into the funnel-shaped flowers).

Interesting fact: Weigela flowers have a special “homing system” for insects. A small orange spot on the lower petal indicates where the nectar is.

Here are our arguments why we like Weigela for:
  • beautiful flowers attractive for bees and bumblebees (we love to watch them diving into the trumpet-shaped-flowers)
  • numerous flowers with an interesting shape and many colors
  • long flowering
  • the richness of leaf colors and the sizes achieved
  • it’s easy-going in cultivation


Do you know that with the names of Weigela you can write a story?

Love story. Everything will be there, at least like in Ardensen’s fairy tales. Princesses, princes, monsters, great love, devilish temptations, romantic dances … Don’t believe it? Look at this:

Sisters – ‘Pink Princess’ and ‘Sunny Princess’ – lived in Weigeland. Both were beautiful and full of charm. One day, ‘Lime Monster’ kidnapped them and imprisoned them. But there was a prince – ‘Red Prince’, who was feeling a real ‘Big Love’ to one of the sisters so immediately, on his horse ‘Wings of Fire’, went to their rescue. The prince didn’t listen to the prompts of ‘Lucifer’. He was determined to complete his mission. He was blind for temptations, in the form of the pretty ‘Eva Rathke’, ‘Evita’ or ‘Suzanne’. After The ‘Red Prince’ freed the princesses, it was the real ‘Victoria’ over the ‘Lime Monster’.
All of them happily came back home and a ball was held in the castle. Everybody was dancing the fiery ‘Rumba’, sensual ‘Tango’ and the full of old-fashioned charm ‘Minuet’. 🙂


Overview of the available varieties:

name flowers blooming time leaves max size
‘Alexandra’PBR pink V-VI red/maroon h: 1.5-2m
‘All Summer Peach (‘Slingpink’PBR) pink-peach V-VI and VIII-IX green h: 0.6m
‘Big Love'(JS4)® pink V-X green h: 1.25-1.5m
‘Black and White’® white V-VI green change to dark red/black h: 0.4 m, w: 0.7m
‘Bouquet Rose’ pink V-VI and VIII-IX dark green h: 1.5-2m, w: 2m
‘Brigela’PBR pink V-VI red/maroon h: 1-1.5m
‘Bristol Ruby’ red-pink VI-VII green with a brownish edge h: 2m, w: 2.5m
‘Bristol Snowflake’ white V-VI green h: 1.5m, w: 1.5m
‘Candida’ white VI-VII and IX green h: 2m, w: 2m
‘Eva Rathke’ dark pink/red VI-VII green with a red edge h: 2m, w: 2m
‘Evita’ red V-VI brownish to green h: 1m
‘Foliis Purpureis’ pink V-VI red/maroon h: 1-1.5m
‘Lime Monster’PBR pink V-VI lime green, 25 cm long h: 1.5m
‘Lucifer’® red/dark pink VI-VII dark red to green h: 2m w: 1.5-2m
‘Marjorie’ white and pink V-VI and VIII-IX green h: 1.5-2m, w: 1.5m
‘Minor Black’ PBR dark pink V-VI brown-red, small h: 0.75m, w: 1m
‘Minuet’ pink-red V-VII green h: 0.5-0.75m
‘Nana Purpurea’ dark pink V-VI brown-red h: 1m
‘Nana Variegata’ white and pink VI-VII and VIII green with a white edge h: 1.5m
‘Newport Red’ red V-VII green h: 2-2.5m
Picobella Rosa PBR pink V-X green h: 0.4m, w: 0.6m
‘Pink Poppet’PBR pink V-VI and VIII-IX green h: 0.5m, w: 0.5m
‘Pink Princess’ light pink V-VI and VIII-IX green h: 1.5m
‘Red Prince’ red V-VI green h: 1.5m
‘Rumba’ dark pink V-VII dark green with a reddish hue h: 1.5m
‘Snowflake’ white VI-VII and IX green h: 1-1.5m
‘Sunny Princess’ pink V-VII variegated – green and yellow h: 0,75-1.2m
‘Suzanne’ light pink V-VII green with a white edge h: 2m
‘Tango’ dark pink VI-VII and VIII maroon to black h: 1.5m
‘Victoria’ pink-red V-VII brown-red h: 1-1.5m
‘Vintage Love'(TVP1)® light pink V-X green change to dark red h: 0.75-1m
‘Wings of Fire’PBR pink V green with a brown hue, wine-red in fall h: 1.5m

h – height; w – width



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