Champagne for… bees! Spiraea japonica Sparkling Champagne

Champagne for… bees!

Last months we hear that bees are in danger. These hard-working insects, without which we will not have the majority of favorite food products, need more support from our side.


Therefore, we encourage you to plant Spiraea japonica, which is on the list of bee-friendly plants because it gives them nectar and pollen. The main character of this week is the Sparkling Champagne variety. Why is it called Pink Champagne? Let breeder explain: “if you look closely at the fully open flowers, they look just like (well pretty much like) the surface of a glass of pink fizz.”

The most important characteristics of Spiraea japonica Sparkling Champagne:

  • can grow in any well-drained soil, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline,
  • likes sunny places, but it does equally well in light shade,
  • leaves, depending on the season, are orange-red (in spring), lemon-yellow in summer, and in autumn turn into a fiery red and yellow.
  • the flowers are pink with red stamens in the spring, they are an important element of the bee’s diet,
  • blooms almost entire summer,
  • short pruning in spring promotes abundant flowering,
  • it is very hardy,
  • grows up to about 100-120 cm in height and similar width.

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