Mulberry is not only for silkworms

Morus mulberry

Morus – mulberry is not only for silkworms Mulberry (Morus) is associated with China, silkworms, and noble, elegant silk. And rightly so. However, in our climate, mulberry is primarily a beautiful, decorative tree of fruit-growing importance. Its dark, oblong fruits resemble blackberries and ripen from June to September. They are sweet, delicate, with a sour aftertaste. […]

Morus Mojo Berry produces berries from May right through until September

Morus Mojo Berry produces berries from May right through until September on old and new wood, meaning you can pick your own mulberries within the first year after planting. That’s as opposed to the usual 5 or 6 years needed by most other mulberries.   Mojo Berry is dwarf and compact. It only reaches a […]

Prunus laurocersus Sofia is frost resistant to -25ᵒC

Prunus laurocerasus Sofia is exceptionally beautiful and… resistant to frost, and at the same time is evergreen.   Sofia has very nice, narrow leaves with serrated edges. It looks much more delicate (and also more exotic) than other laurels. It can be planted as solitaire or in groups, e.g. as a hedge. In sunny positions, […]

Juniperus scopulorum Blue Ivory – silver medalist of GrootGroen+ 2019

Juniperus Blue Ivory looks a bit like its relative Blue Arrow with its habit and color. With one major difference – Blue Ivory shoots are creamily variegated. Thanks to this, Blue Ivory looks lighter and slightly less serious than Blue Arrow. It allows you to create beautiful hedges that practically don’t require cutting. It can […]