Thuja occidentalis ‘Sunny Smaragd’ PBR

Thuja occidentalis ‘Sunny Smaragd’ PBR connects beautiful, sunny color and all positive characteristics of green ‘Smaragd’


‘Sunny Smaragd’ is just different than other yellow thuyas – there are 8 special characteristics:

  1. It can grow in full sun, and yet it doesn’t suffer from sunburn so typical for other colored thuyas.
  2. Planted even in partial shade will dye to a beautiful yellow, sunny, warm color. Young growths have a slightly orange color.
  3. In winter, it retains its unique, warm color, much better than other similar varieties.
  4. It doesn’t produce seeds, which brown shucks can spoil the plant and litter the surrounding.
  5. It is dense, shapely and elegant.
  6. Planted in a decorative pot on the terrace, it is a real decoration – it doesn’t get brown, like many others.
  7. It grows faster than eg ‘Golden Smaragd’, so it can be successfully planted as a hedge.
  8. After 10 years, it reaches only 2-2.5 m high, and thanks to that there is no fear that it will dominate the surroundings and get out of control.


Click here and download: Thuja occ. Sunny Smaragd PBR leaflet

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Michael Perry – Mr Plant Geek about Thuja occ. Sunny Smaragd – click and watch:

Sunny Smaragd



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