Picea pungens ‘Karpaten’ stays flat and blue

Picea pungens ‘Karpaten’ Picea pungens ‘Karpaten’ is a beautiful conifer with the astonishing color of the sky on a sunny summer day. Grows compact and stays flat, keeps the neat shape. The needles are less sharp so ‘Karpaten’ is softer to touch than comparable varieties. Plant ‘Karpaten’ in the sun or semi-shade in a rich, […]

Juniperus scopulorum Blue Ivory – silver medalist of GrootGroen+ 2019

Juniperus Blue Ivory looks a bit like its relative Blue Arrow with its habit and color. With one major difference – Blue Ivory shoots are creamily variegated. Thanks to this, Blue Ivory looks lighter and slightly less serious than Blue Arrow. It allows you to create beautiful hedges that practically don’t require cutting. It can […]

Thuja occidentalis ‘Sunny Smaragd’ PBR

Thuja occidentalis ‘Sunny Smaragd’ PBR connects beautiful, sunny color and all positive characteristics of green ‘Smaragd’   ‘Sunny Smaragd’ is just different than other yellow thuyas – there are 8 special characteristics: It can grow in full sun, and yet it doesn’t suffer from sunburn so typical for other colored thuyas. Planted even in partial shade […]

Thuja occidentalis ‘Totem Smaragd’ PBR – novelty 2019

Thuja occidentalis Totem Smaragd can grow in decorative containers on the terrace or balcony, as a solitary plant in the garden, and as a low hedge. What impresses? a characteristic, very narrow shape – it is only 40 cm wide, similar to the Italian Cupressus sempervirens! moderate growth, because it grows up to 2-2,5 m […]