Cotoneaster has flowers like dewdrops on a spider’s web


Cotoneaster has flowers like dewdrops on a spider’s web This is how, in our opinion, the white, delicate Cotoneaster flowers look like in spring. Densely and regularly embedded on shoots, they are not only beautiful and impressive but also attract bees. In summer, the Cotoneaster looks modest with its dark green, leathery leaves (remember, however, […]

Weigela is always a good choice


Weigela is always a good choice Weigela, thanks to the wealth of varieties, colors, and shapes, has many uses. It is suitable for home gardens, parks, and urban greenery. It comes from Asia – Japan, Korea, and China and can grow practically all over Europe. Everywhere where temperatures do not drop below -23┬░C. Has low […]

Pyracantha Red Star is a real star among the firethorns

Pyracantha Red Star has fewer thorns and more berries In June, it is besprinkled with white, small flowers. In August, small, initially green, fruits appear, which turn red in September.   Their beautiful, bright and intense color lasts until Christmas, or longer – sometimes even till February, which is a great garden decoration. It can […]

Champagne for… bees!┬áSpiraea japonica Sparkling Champagne

Champagne for… bees! Last months we hear that bees are in danger. These hard-working insects, without which we will not have the majority of favorite food products, need more support from our side.   Therefore, we encourage you to plant Spiraea japonica, which is on the list of bee-friendly plants because it gives them nectar […]