Actinidia arguta and Actinidia kolomikta – similarities and differences

Kiwi berry – Actinidia naturally grows in the Far East, from Manchuria to Java. Kiwi berry produces tasty, edible fruits, perfect for fresh consumption, for preserves, desserts and as a dried fruit.   They are quite strongly growing climbing plants, which wrap themselves around the supports. Actinidia is relatively undemanding, easy to grow and resistant […]

Dwarf raspberry Yummy – tiny and tasty

If your customers have limited space in the garden, or just a terrace or a small patio, and still dream of fresh, hand-picked raspberries (because they have the most wonderful taste and aroma), offer them a raspberry Yummy.   With Rubus idaeus BobBonBerry® Yummy, already the name sounds tasty! Well, fruits can ripe in the […]

Blackberry ‘Purple Opal’ – mini plant, big fruits

Miniature blackberry with great fruiting potential What do you see in front of your eyes when you think of a blackberry? Do you see the same as I, so the first of all long shoots, strong, large and rather expansive plant? We have good news. Finally, we can grow these tasty and healthy fruits in […]

Cranberry – a handy first aid kit in the backyard garden

Cranberry – Vaccinium macrocarpon can slow down the aging Because our hobby is to search for pro-health characteristics of plants that we offer for sale, we have explored the topic of cranberry.   It turned out that the fruits of this small, evergreen shrub are practically irreplaceable! Such a handy first aid kit in the […]

Vaccinium corymbosum Flamingo PBR – looks and tastes great

Vaccinium corymbosum Flamingo PBR, as a “child” of Bluecrop, offers us tasty and sweet fruits, and additionally, looks really great and unique, because of its light pink leaves. The blueberry Flamingo is a tasty morsel for plant collectors who are looking for interesting specimens. Flamingo combines extraordinary beauty with practical application. It fructifies like any […]

Framberry Red Dream

Framberry Red Dream looks like a strawberry but tastes like a combination of strawberry and raspberry. You will love it! Strawberry – Framberry Red Dream, in the warmer climate, is semi-evergreen. In the colder places, it loses its leaves but new ones appear again in the springtime. When you taste the fruits, seems like you are […]

Pineberry White Dream pineapple and strawberry in one fruit

Pineberry White Dream is an amazing combination of pineapple and strawberry The fruits are white with red seeds, contrary to the normal strawberries. Fruits are very aromatic and they taste like pineapple but the texture and feel are like strawberry we know. White Dream is a unique result of cross-breeding between the wild South American […]

Vaccinium Pink Lemonade seduces with pink and sweet fruits

The pink berries of Vaccinium ‘Pink Lemonade’ offer something unique in its edible fruits. The translucent white berries, which ripen to a lush, bright pink color, taste wonderfully sweet with a clear, firm texture.   Vaccinium Pink Lemonade was bred as a result of crossing Vaccinium ashei and Vaccinium corymbosum, Pink Lemonade, and because of […]